To learn or to know, that is the question.

To learn or to know, that is the question.

Lately, and by lately I mean for as long as I can remember, I have had the urge to absorb knowledge.

Many people have always told me that I must ‘like to learn’. And I’ve always just smiled and nodded.

But it just struck me, I don’t know whether it is that I like to learn or whether it is that I like to know. I’ve never been one to react well when I don’t know about topics being discussed in conversations (whether it be why the sky is blue or news around the world). It makes me feel intellectually inferior. And that does not sit well with me.

So, I’m always running around trying to read articles or books (between you and me, I spend more time looking up which books to read than actually reading the books…!). But what ends up happening is I either cannot follow the article (e.g. very technical mathematical information which I have no foundational knowledge) or I just lose interest (because my mind is racing to learn the next important thing). And of course, this frustrates me because I feel like in our day and time we have so many resources, we have no excuse to be unaware or not knowledgeable about anything and everything!

This shows me that maybe I don’t like the process of learning, I just like knowing for the sake of knowing (and so I can carry a meaningful conversation, I guess).

Or, do you think liking to learn is very intricately linked to liking to know? I’m sure they are linked in a way but maybe it has largely to do with your intentions—do we want to learn for our satisfaction or because we want to seem intellectually superior?

(side note: the other day on the train I actually overheard a girl say that she likes to learn and likes the structure of school! I gasped (in my mind) but then I realized I don’t know if I gasped because who really likes school! Or that I actually like the structure of school as well—I’m too scared to go that far deep into my mind to actually figure it out!!)

What do you guys think? Do you like to learn or do you like to know? Pretend you could only pick one!

Chat soon.


P.S. I absolutely love Business Insider for articles. They have a mix of fun and informative articles!


Too Faced Boudoir Eyes

As I mentioned before, I’m not make-up savy. But, a few friends have been giving me make-up related gifts here and there to push me along.

For this post, I want to spill a few (novice) thoughts on the Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Shadow Palette.

Starting with the packaging. I really wasn’t very impressed. The box looked like it belonged in a little girl’s doll closet, not to mention that it was flimsy and cheap looking.


Before this, I used to try to apply eyeshadow but using a much cheaper no-name brand. And I always had an issue: it either not be noticeable after a few minutes or it would be too powdery/flaky. I always convinced myself that this is because I am using really cheap products. Side note that may change the game: I have hooded eyes, which doesn’t help when you’re a novice at make up! So much more frustrating!

Anyways, back to the Too Faced Palette:

Here is the inside of the palette


At first glance, the colours are so neutral and so so pretty! I loved it. I was expecting so much! And…I don’t think it paid off that much.

I mean, I may not be an expert at applying making up but how hard could it be right? Right??

I found the colours didn’t do as well with me because they were too shimmery (namely Satin Sheets–it broke my heart because that was my favourite) and therefore not very noticeable yet again and the powder would just flake off everywhere (mind you it wasn’t as flaky as the cheap ones before, but still enough to annoy me).

I think the last column (Voluez-vous, Garter Belt and French Tickler) have a bit more matte-ness to them (I know you can see the sparkle on French Tickler from a mile but really since it’s so dark, it’s noticeable! I promise!).

Regardless, as much as I was excited to have this expensive palette in my make-up arsenal (it’s a very small arsenal….I don’t think it can even be called that. Humour me please!) I wasn’t as impressed.  Maybe it’s not the best for hooded eyes?

Have you tried this palette?

What are your thoughts?

Chat soon

Data Plans & Smart Phones

Data Plans & Smart Phones

With the new iPhone 7 coming out soon, I thought it would be timely to chat a bit about smart phones.

Now, let me give you yet another reason to question whether I was born in the correct era: I do not have a data plan.

 Firstly, with Canada charging an arm and a leg for cell phone plans (it has one of the worst cell phone plan prices in the world ) it would cost me nearly 60-80 dollars a month to get a decent amount of data (say 2GBs)….that’s 720$ (and with tax and all other fees I could probably do multiple helicopter rides!)

Lucky for me, I am usually near a WiFi connection (9 times out of 10 it is a shotty connection but don’t get me started on that!). And when I’m not, I try to take advantage of offline apps like offline wiki or iBooks  or the BBC app. Side note: I used to love the BBC app since you could use it offline and it would refresh the news on it’s own BUT ever since an update last year it has given me hell to load and doesn’t work offline–I was crushed, crushed I tell ya!

Though, I will admit there are times I’ve been in a pickle once or twice where data would have helped…you know, the usual…directions or dying completely of boredom!! Largely, it is the boredom because I have a long commute every day and I always find myself waiting on people (I’ll be there in 5 minutes they say….LIES I say! LIES!).

But then I think to myself, with my ancient phone would data even be worth it? You see, I have an iPhone 4. Yes, you read that correct. 4, not even 4S. No Siri for me! If I even had data it would be 3G, yes…do you even remember 3G?? Before you pass out, hear me out! I have a 4 because it’s the perfect size for my baby hands. The smart phones today (and by today I mean for years now!) are so big, that they’re nearly bigger than my face. And no, that is not THAT big of an exaggeration! As much as my phone is yearning to rest in peace, I can’t give it up. It has taught me patience and it has taught me discipline. For as long as it lives, it will not be stressed with working harder with data plans–this I promise you, my dear iPhone 4!

What about you guys? Do you come from the caveman era like me and not have a data plan OR would you die before you lose your data plan?

Chat soon.



So, I’ll admit I am not a well travelled person by any means. In fact, I’ve only been to a handful of countries (and those countries have been linked to family because, c’mon…who doesn’t like free room and board and a guide!)

Now, a lot of Millennials wouldn’t be impressed. How dare I not live and breathe travelling and sightseeing and taking historic tours and taking my picture with the one random citizen of the place I visit (this poor person is usually a waiter or a guide)?

How dare I not post Google stock images of the white houses on hills in Santorini or the Sagrada church in Spain or the Blue Mosque in Turkey on my Instagram? Ha! Trick question–I don’t have Instagram (I explain here).

As always, the answer is….I don’t know.

I mean, it’s definitely nice to go on adventures and excursions (I recently went ATVing and it was a great rush!). But just sightseeing? I don’t know. I just don’t see the appeal of walking around aimlessly. I can do it for an hour. Maybe two. But for an entire day? I don’t know. Not to mention, why doesn’t the place I visit look as picturesque as it did on Google? Oh right, that’s because it may have multiple filters and is taken from angles my body cannot achieve (generally also an aerial view from a helicopter). At one point, I did promise myself that if and when I travel I would try very hard to either go to a skyscraper or a helicopter ride–that would be a highlight I would think.

It’s nice to be culturally aware but I don’t think this urge should begin with travelling. There are so many resources to become culturally aware–don’t wait to just travel! Pick up a book and let your mind paint a picture or watch a well directed and produced movie like or heck seek the people around you to tell you stories and experiences. Travelling is definitely not the only way to be culturally aware (it would be a nice experience though).

The one thing about travel that I absolutely love though, has got to be the actual plane ride! I love going to the airport. It’s probably the only place I (sortof) emotionally connect with people. It’s the one place that makes me realize the multiple aspects of a our lives and then of course, going on the plane, hoping you meet that totally attractive person you strike a conversation with (I’m also okay with replacing this attractive person with some super successful and rich person who thinks you’re a genius and now wants you to work with them and you all earn millions! That’s fine by me!). Or, sitting by the window and looking outwards at the sky and how can I forgot, watching as many movies as humanly possible whilst being served food (and no, I don’t think the food tastes bad).

Now, I know many are infected with this travel bug (aka wanderlust). Are you guys immune or are you level 4 infected? Let me know.

Chat soon.

My fear of online shopping

My fear of online shopping

Since I’ve let you in on my make-up virginity, I guess I can also tell you I’m also an online shopping virgin. Cue gasps. Are you even surprised anymore??

You’re probably thinking, ‘my gosh has this girl been deprived and neglected all her life or what!’

The answer is *drum roll*

Maybe, but I really hope not!

I don’t know if it is just me but I have huge anxiety over the item not fitting (or worse, being see-through!) and now I have not only waited anxiously for over a week for this item to be delivered (peering through the curtains daily for the mailman) but now it is no good and I’ve (maybe) lost all my money! Just the stress of that is so unsettling for me. I think my anxiety is definitely explained by the fact that I can barely find clothes in store, how can I gamble online, right??

I mean, I wouldn’t say my body type is particularly difficult to shop for but some how I find everything is either overpriced or just doesn’t look as great on me as it does on that faceless mannequin, pins and all!

I also have another theory as to why I never find things in store. I blame all the shopaholic girls who are suspiciously informed about all the sales and get to the store right on time to get my (their) size! How dare they be so prepared and informed about dressing well!

Meanwhile I’ll continue to online window shop on ASOS, Forever 21 and Boohoo while I patiently wait for my ideal online shop with gorgeous (just the right amount of opaque), cheap($) clothes with free shipping on all items and free returns. Ahhhh, the dream!
Or do you think I need to snap out of this dream and just add to cart and give em my money? Thoughts?
Chat soon

What is make-up

What is make-up

Can someone please explain this to me…because God knows I have no clue.

Let me start from the beginning

There I was, a young naive little girl (age 24) sitting face to face with my mother having the talk. Yes, you read that correctly. The talk. My mom was explaining to me the importance of make-up in order for me to look presentable in the work place.

I don’t think her intentions were hurtful…or maybe they were (sometimes she plays the fear tactic on me because it works so darn well!).

I was 24 years old, a make-up virgin. Jeez, how had a gotten through in life I pondered! But I also understood my mother’s point (why do they always have to be right, huh?). There were some concerns with my skin that may impact how presentable and approachable I look to my colleagues. Yes, it is superficial but we are only human.

I think a part of me didn’t want to put on make-up because in my mind I thought make-up would make why go through all the effort and if people liked me without make-up then it must have meant I didn’t need it, right? The other part of me was afraid. Since make-up is the last (non-invasive) resort to make myself look better, what if it didn’t work? What if I didn’t look any better? Then I was stuck, stuck with how I look (and let’s face it, most people do not have amazingly high self-esteem).

But, I decided to give it a go (mainly because my skin was just getting way out of hand and I already wasn’t feeling good about it so I bit the bullet and went for it).

Let me tell you, it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t too long ago I was having the talk with my mom so I still haven’t decided completely how I feel about it. The one thing I have decided though is that it is hard. It is so hard to find the right colour that makes it look like you’re not wearing make-up (how ironic). It is hard to not look cakey or streaky!

I really think they need to create human-like robots who can teach you these things you know…so you don’t feel judged (about your caveman-like make up skills—it’s a problem. A real problem I tell you). I know there are all these services (Sephora, MAC, independent salons) out there you can pay to learn…but paying for it just doesn’t seem right, you know? Have you gotten tired of this analogy? Not me!

Anyways, I’m hoping to do an update once I have figured (at least a little bit more) about make-up and such.

So, I’m curious…when was your first time….? Let’s please stick to MAKE-UP! (last one!)

Chat soon

My life with(out) social media

Let me make a confession: I do not have any mainstream social media accounts (that I know of at least!).

I know. I know. Brace yourself.

I remember it began in high school when everyone was starting to be more social on Facebook. Everyone, even the teachers, had a Facebook account. And here I was, sitting in a class, surrounded by friends talking about Facebook invites and joining University acceptance groups and whatnot.

I vividly remember having a conversation with a friend about how I would never get Facebook. And I remember his words “just you wait till University, you’ll be addicted”. Now, I’m past that phase and I still don’t have Facebook (or Twitter or Instagram or whatever else I am ‘missing out on’).

Okay, let me make another confession: I may not have any accounts but that doesn’t stop me from peeking around these sites. I know. I know. Not only am I cheating, but I am probably now classified as a lurker (aren’t we all?)

I don’t know when that switch happened…I want to say end of University. One day I decided to just see what this Instagram business everyone was so excited about. And let me tell you. I became addicted! Here I was being anti-social on social media—boy did I ever defy the purpose of this creation or what! It started with ‘instagramming’ youtubers or celebrities if you may…by now I think I’ve spotted a few (ex)-acquaintances along the way.

I have often contemplated being active on social media accounts. And then I wimp out. I do like the idea of sharing moments and creating moments (let’s face it, half the world takes more pictures because of Instagram or acts silly knowing it’ll only be existent for a few seconds on Snap Chat). Social media platforms definitely add another dimension to life. Do I wish I had joined in on the fun earlier? I don’t know. But I’m pretty sure I can now add this blog post under social media!

Whether you want to be active on social media or not, I really do think it keeps you up-to-date with pop culture and gives you something to talk about. At least familiarize yourself with the basics just so you aren’t lost in everyday conversations your friends are having!

This is #reallife ; definitely  #nofilter  here ; this is a #selfiestory (did I use those correctly?)

Do you guys participate in social media? What are your stories?

Chat soon.

Creativity, or lack thereof.

How often do you have a conversation with someone and they’re talking about having a creative outlet, whether it be drawing (like Picasso) or making music (like modern day Beethoven)? Me? I don’t have that. It’s like I suffer from  Irritable Creativity Constipation Syndrome (ICCS). Excuse my punny, but I always have this urge to push out some creativity; you know, to create with my bare hands or with my mind. Just something. Anything. I yearn for it.

On a good day, my creativity extends to me doodling the alphabet, on a piece of paper towel, in my neatest print writing. Or, (poorly) tracing an animated image; but, mid-way I realize how horrible it looks and give up.

I’ve stared at hundreds, if not thousands, of Instagram photos of those perfectly (or perfectly imperfect) placed tea cups and trees and everything, just hoping for some inspiration or a sign or igniting some fire in me. Turns out you can look at thousands of pictures and still not even catch a glimpse of a flame!

I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer.

So, I will say that I do feel quite creative (in my extent of creativity, of course) just writing this little piece. I have the intention and the urge, just a little trouble during the delivery.

What are some ways you all show or experience creativity? Am I the only one who suffers from ICCS?

I can’t be.

Please don’t let me be.

Maybe we can swap attempt stories. Something is bound to work right?

As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s gold, right?

Chat soon.